Bible Quiz

Awana Bible Quizzing is the Scripture memory counterpart to the physical oriented AwanaGames™. Awana Bible Quizzing is open to young people in T&T, Trek & Journey. This event motivates students to increase their Bible knowledge while giving participants, leaders, and even parents an intense exposure to Scripture. Awana Bible Quizzing tests students’ knowledge of material in handbooks and provides team recognition and awards.

Awana Bible Quizzing stimulates Scripture memorization, application of God’s Word, and review. It also motivates students to stay up-to-date in their handbooks. As students spend more time preparing for Awana Bible Quizzing, their parents also become exposed to the truths of God’s Word. In addition, Awana Bible Quizzing promotes fellowship with other Awana-registered churches.

2014 Bible Quizzing Rule Book


Summit Information

Some of the Arizona rules may differ from the rules used at Summit. Please attend the trainings to learn the official rules for Awana Arizona.